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On December 3, 2005 was held of the tournament-supershow of the bodybuilding
“Zdorovyak-2005” (“A Healthy-2005”) in the Kharkov, Ukraine
Performance of Anatoliy Kudlay, Dnepropetrovsk

   Anatoliy Kudlay (Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, number 7) has left fotos in has borrowed prize-winning II place in tournament of the bodybuilding, becoming the silver prize-winner in an absolute category. In the spring of 2005 Anatoliy has wof the tournament “Zdorovyak” also became the owner “A Cub of Brisin”, and in October, 2005 came to Kharkov with demonstration program on a championship of region “A Gold Autumn-2005” (see photo Performance).

   Anatoliy Kudlay from Dnepropetrovsk - favorite of the Kharkov's PUBLIC, him very warmly and sympathize meet and are always glad to see the Kharkov spectators. He managed one of most greetings.
   On a photo: fragments of the demonstration program of Anatoliy Kudlay (Ukraine).

On a photo below: rewarding of the champions, Anatoliy Kudlay on the right.