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On December 3, 2005 was held of the tournament-supershow of the bodybuilding
“Zdorovyak-2005” (“A Healthy-2005”) in the Kharkov, Ukraine
The Winners and finalists of the tournament “Zdorovyak-2005”

   I place - Yuriy Naumenko (number 18, Donetsk).
   II place - Anatoliy Kudlay (number 7, Dnepropetrovsk).
   III place - Bogdan Kravchenko (Dnepropetrovsk).
   IV place - Andrey Obrevko (Vinnitsa).
   V place - Anatoliy Grechuhov (number 14, Dnepropetrovsk).
   VI place - Mihail Kuzmin (number 12, Kharkov).

Rewarding of the winners: the champion of autumn tournament “Zdorovyak-2005” Yuriy Naumenko with the Cub (at the left) and II place Anatoliy Kudlay (on the right, vice-champion and champion of spring tournament “Zdjrjvyak” and “A Cub of Brisin-2005”).

On a photo at the left - a star trio: Anatoliy Kudlay (at the left, vice-champion of the tournament, N 7), Mihail Kuzmin (at the centre, champion of the Kharkov region, N 12) and Yuriy Naumenko (on the right, champion of the tournament, N 18).