Kharkov city, Ukraine


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Photos of Sergey Orlov
Sergey Orlov, bodybuilding and fitness, personal website

Photos of Sergey Orlov with the awards (bodybuilding)
The awards for victories (medal, letter) on competitions both championships of a various level and photo

Photos of Sergey Orlov with the friends in the Kharkov on sq. Independence, indicative performances of the bodybuilding on Holidays of City: Photo a part 1 and Photo a part 2

Photos of Sergey Orlov of the tournaments and championships of the bodybuilding of a various level of different years (Ukraine)
Photo a part 1,  Photo a part 2 and Photo a part 3

Photos of Sergey Orlov in Crimea (bodybuilding)
trips to Crimea, city Sevastopol

Championship of Ukraine of the bodybuilding, Sumi - 1999
Photos of Sergey Orlov (Kharkov), other champions, participants and organizers of a championship of Ukraine

   On a photo above is "Mr. Olimpia" Vins Tajlor (at the centre), Maksim Sarana (at the left) and Sergey Orlov (on the right).

   In a photo on the right is before competitions in Madrid, Spain. I am Sergey Orlov (bodybuilding) and From 2005 to July, 2012 was the president (ex-president) of the Kharkov regional federation of the bodybuilding and fitness (on the version of the IFBB).

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