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On December 3, 2005 was held of the tournament-supershow of the bodybuilding
“Zdorovyak-2005” (“A Healthy-2005”) in the Kharkov, Ukraine
Performance of Vitaliy Grechuhov, Kiev, bodybuilding

   Vitaliy Grechuhov (city of Kiev, number 14) has left in the ending of competitions of the bodybuilding in an absolute category and has borrowed honourable V place in tournament. This sportsman is in the good form, the Kharkov PUBLIC accepts him with constant enthusiasm. In 2005 Vitaliy Grechuhov twice left in the ending of spring and autumn tournament “Zdjrjvyak”, traditionally spent in the Kharkov.
   On a photo: the fragments of demonstration program of Vitaliy Grechuhov and participation in obligatory program.

On a photo below: rewarding of the finalists, Vitaliy (N 14) first at the left.