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A photos of the tournament “Cub of the Kharkov-2006” (22.04.2006)
Man's fitness (athletic constitution and acrobatics)

   We represent you of a photo and fragments of performances of the sportsmen of Kharkov with the any program on man's fitness (athletic constitution and acrobatics), submitted for the first time in the Kharkov of the tournament “Cub of the Kharkov-2006”, past April 22, 2006. In man's fitness only one category. It are supposed sportsman, which answer the following criterion: growth in centimeters a minus 100 = the maximal weight (for example: if the growth sportsman 170 sm, his weight should not exceed 70 kg at weighing).

   You separate acquaintance to photos of the any program “Spartanec”, very entertainment number, man's fitness (sportsman N 11), athletic acrobatics, original costume.