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Photos of a championship of region “Gold Autumn-2006” (23.09.2006)
Man's bodybuilding, a photo of the sportsmen of Kharkov

   The Kharkov regional federation of the bodybuilding and fitness has lead a championship of region “Gold Autumn-2006” (September 23, 2006,. Kharkov) , having presented man's bodybuilding, man's bodyfitness (classical bodybuilding) and female bodyfitness. The championship of area passed within the framework of selection tournament to the Ukrainian championship. the ex-president Sergey Orlov awards the finalists of a regional championship personally.

   In Man's bodybuilding three weight categories of the sportsmen were submitted: up to 80 kg, up to 90 kg and more than 90 kg. Man's bodybuilding in the Kharkov is the most representative kind of sports.
   In categories up to 80 kg 1 place has won Sergey Osadchiy, 2 place is the Roman Chernishov and 3 places is Andrey Polyakov. In a category up to 90 kg 1 place has won Vyacheslav Negencev, 2 place is the Roman Kazancev and 3 place is Alexander Suprun. In a category more than 90 kg 1 place has won Artem Serrda and 2 places is Eugeniy Kovalenko. The winner in Absolute category became Vyacheslav Negencev.
   1 place in a category “The young sportsmen” unanimously has received Vladimir Podolyaka.